The Aninfimip project is an EquipEx (‘Equipement d’Excellence’) supported by the French government through the Investments for the Future program.

Aninfimip allows the development of high-standard, high-security animal facilities with integrated and mutualized state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring physiological parameters and functional exploration of the immune response in the context of infectious diseases. A special emphasis is put on medical imaging systems that makes possible functional monitoring of infected animals.

International competitiveness of research conducted in Toulouse on infectious diseases and immunology in the academic and private sectors will undoubtedly be fostered by the Aninfimip project, which will be a key asset for the development of new options for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infection.

News & events

The second Aninfimip general meeting and report to the ‘Agence Nationale de la Recherche’ will be made by the Aninfimip coordinator, Pr Eric Oswald, on December 17th 2014, 2 pm, at the Institute of Pharmacology & Structural Biology, Toulouse.